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FAQs designed to offer quick, reliable answers, ensuring you have the knowledge to make informed decisions about your technology requirements.


Position your business as a leader in the tech world with the latest insights and updates from Allied Technology.

Lead with Allied!

Yes, we offer detailed monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports to keep you informed on your IT status and performance.

Do you provide regular reports?

Absolutely, we provide a detailed 3-5 year IT budget forecast, ensuring no surprises, with regular discussions to align with your business goals.

Do you offer budget planning?

We maintain reliability through a structured support system, regular training, and adherence to industry best practices, ensuring consistent service quality.

How is your support consistent and reliable?

Our support team includes specialized helpdesk, level 2, level 3, and project personnel, each expert in their domain, guaranteeing consistent and reliable support.

What’s your staffing approach for support services?

We have specialized teams for helpdesk, level 2, and level 3 support, along with security experts providing comprehensive cybersecurity services, ensuring your business benefits from our extensive experience, especially in the financial sector.

How is your cybersecurity expertise utilized to protect my business?

We offer a detailed report including our SOC audit, maintain a disaster recovery site in Dallas, TX, and ensure remote work capabilities to address emergencies efficiently.

Can you outline your disaster recovery and business continuity strategies?

Allied's local ownership, professional service approach, SOC certification, and mature processes ensure superior IT support. We provide extensive visibility into your IT environment through regular reporting.

What sets Allied apart in the IT industry?

A senior staff member will manage

your account, backed by a technical lead for strategic IT planning, ensuring familiarity with your business and regulatory requirements. Our thorough documentation supports effective and knowledgeable assistance for any issue.

Who will oversee my account, and will they understand my business needs?

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