Our Approach

Our vision is to redefine IT professional services. Are you happy with your IT services? Have you even been? Wonder why all of your IT hires produce the same results? Maybe it's time to break the cycle. Allied is focused on providing a set of best practices to companies with critical IT needs. We call it "The Allied Way". If you're truely ready make a change we can provide the accountability, stability, and consistency you, as an executive, have alwasys desired.

Our Story

The purpose of any professional firm is to fulfil a need and by doing so help the client achieve their business goals. In the late 90’s there were several professional services organizations that helped companies of all sizes innovate. Lawyers, accountants, management consultants and marketing firms were all engaged with clients and delivering service to help the client manage different aspects of their business. But IT felt more vocational labor than professional services. In the spring of 2000 Allied Technology Group was founded as a Professional Firm run by a partner group to deliver technology solutions. Just as other professional service industries that had innovated in their industry to benefit of their clients, Allied was set to lead the next wave of business innovation.

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