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Allied Technology Group stands as your reliable partner, offering dependable and scalable IT solutions. We ensure technology is an asset for your growth, not a challenge, by providing customized support fit for your business’ unique needs.

Your Dependable Ally in IT Success

Stories of Successful Alliances

Here are the real-world impacts of our IT alliances through the stories of those we’ve served. Our partners share their experiences, highlighting how Allied’s solutions have transformed their businesses and supported them all the way to their success.

"We couldn't be happier..."

"We stumbled upon Allied many years ago when we had an issue with our email.  Our current IT provider was unable to help get us a resolution and so I reached out to Brad at Allied and they quickly jumped in and offered their services to us to get us back up and running.  We knew at that time that they were the firm we wanted to partner with for our IT needs.  The service we get is above and beyond what they are contractually obligated too.  If you have any issues, Allied is quick and willing to help resolve them for us.  We couldn’t be happier that we found Allied many years ago."

Carrie Dailey

Clark Contractors LLC

Allied is the company that can help make this happen!

“Allied offers up-to-date security products to help keep your business secure. Their support is great to help with issues, and they follow up to make sure everything is working as it should. If you want to be able to sleep better at night, Allied is the company that can help make this happen!”

Julia Speegle

SVP, Systems Administrator

Allied is quick, friendly and knowledgeable…

“They are able to explain so that we are able to understand anything we may need. Allied feels like in-house IT. The customer service, communication and knowledge have been amazing. Allied employees are friendly and personable. They get along with our employees and work to ensure that our IT runs smoothly. Allied is also trustworthy. I have worked with other IT companies and none of them have compared to Allied. Allied sets the standard in their industry.”

Sarah Allen

Senior Project Manager & Security Officer

Why Our Retention Rate Soars

Know more about the pillars of Allied Technology Group’s success and understand why our clients choose to stay with us year after year.

IT’s Worth Asking

Learn more about the top services, designed to answer the simplest and even the most pressing IT questions your business faces.


How can I streamline my business operations?

Managed IT Services ensure your technology aligns seamlessly with business goals, boosting efficiency and productivity.

With cyber threats on the rise, how can my business stay secure?

Cybersecurity protects against digital threats, safeguarding your business’ integrity and customer trust.

How can I enhance my business flexibility and accessibility?

Cloud Services offer scalable solutions that grow with your business, providing accessibility and resilience.

How can I safeguard my business operations against unexpected data loss?

Data Backup and Recovery protect your business from data loss, ensuring continuity and resilience in crisis situations.

SVP, Systems Administrator

SVP, Systems Administrator

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