Smart Toys = Security Risk

We all love our smart devices...well, most of the time.  But we often don't consider the security associated with those devices.  We often forget that anything connected to your network is a risk.  Especially when it comes to those shiny new gifts we give or receive during the holidays.  Here are some things to consider when purchasing those cool Smart Toys for the kids this Christmas:

  1. Be sure to understand how they'll treat your personal data.  Yeah, we know.  That long, legal everyone "reads" when setting up their device's account.  You'll be surprised what's in those sometimes especially if you're considering your kid's information.
  2. Does the device have a camera?  Consider the fact that security is often an afterthought when toys are concerned.  That device is connected to the Internet 24/7 with no security and a camera.
  3. Are Parental Controls included?  Take if from us, this is a real pain with most devices.  We completely understand not taking the time and effort to lock these things down properly due to the complexity involved in the process.  Ask about these features prior to making the purchase.  It's not worth exposing your company or family network, personal data, or privacy for a cool toy.

We at Allied Technology Group hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a great 2020!