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Just ask any raccoon… The new shiny can be trouble.


At a Sept 15, 2015 Town Hall Q&A session at Facebook headquarters, Zuckerberg mentioned that for years users had been asking about a ‘dislike button’, and that Facebook was finally working on such an option. He went on to clarify that this would not be a “downvote” for a post, but more meant to communicate empathy in case of bad news. Well, scammers all over the Internet jumped on this like flies on manure, and came out with a multitude of scenarios trying to lure users to “...

Allied Security Services News Release


Just wanted to share some news about how Allied handled the recent DDOS attack. As you know, the internet suffered a major attack last week.  In a nutshell, a large distributed denial of service attack was targeted at an Authoritative DNS company called DYN.  When the Authoritative DNS is taken down, specific types of DNS requests can’t be performed and affected sites go down.  However, in anticipation of this kind of attack, Allied’s Content Filtering Service created a technology called...

Cunning malware spreads, going after your bank account


Malware keeps getting smarter at ways to get your money.  And a new version of Zeus Panda malware has some scary smarts. According to a blog post by Cisco-owned Talos, the Zeus Panda malware essentially “poisons” Google search results to push fake bank-related results to the top of a key word search. Then, the unwary user, looking for quick answers to a search related to their bank, is fooled into clicking on malicious links. The malware utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) “to m...

Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Company Against Ransomware


Ransomware attacks have become one of the hardest to solve problems of our century. Unlike decreasing in frequency, they’ve managed to do quite the opposite. Malicious software created by hackers is becoming more and more dangerous as the people behind them find new ways to attack important content on people’s computers. Individual users aren’t the only ones affected by cyber threats. Recent problems, such as the WannaCry episode, have damaged essential files and documents stored by bus...

5 cybersecurity steps you should already be taking


If you have not noticed yet, the ABA Journal is undertaking a yearlong cybersecurity series.  Our intent is to explore this complex and tangled issue piece-by-piece to make sense of the current thinking around data protection, legal ethics and regulation. Admittedly, these articles are often a bird’s eye view of an issue that affects every person and business a little bit differently. Additionally, targets (that’s you) experience online threats differently based on who they are and what ...

Are You A Survivor?


  By Brad Cicero, Partner – Allied Technology Group Statistics tell us that 60% of businesses that lose their data due to a cyber-attack are out of business within six months.  Are you one of the 40% that would survive?  Think really hard about deleting everything you own…your financials, your client information, your intellectual property.  How would you recover? Unfortunately we’re seeing this play out more and more often.  Most executives that I work with simply don’t understa...